Deloitte Digital invites and challenges digital experts in capital markets hackathon

Deloitte Digital is bringing developers, entrepreneurs, designers and a range of digital specialist together for its first hackathon aimed at the capital markets industry. The hackathon, taking place from 13-14 November at Deloitte Digital’s Clerkenwell studio, is looking to create ideas and solutions to address the challenges faced by the investment banking sector.

Simon Tasker, capital markets partner at Deloitte UK, says: “The banking industry is changing rapidly and significantly and the way in which people bank, invest and borrow in five years, or even 18 months, time will be very different from today. Companies operating in this sector therefore need to have a vision suited to respond to this new world. Over the last 24 months we have seen some amazing digital innovation within financial services and increasing demand for digital approaches and solutions is coming from the capital markets industry. Our first hackathon focused at investment banks and other financial services companies will aim to find solutions that could transform their businesses.”

Deloitte Digital is inviting and challenging students, innovators, tech start-ups, consultancies, design agencies and capital markets companies, investment banks, finance advisors, stockbrokers and custodians to spend 48 hours to work on a digital idea that could disrupt the capital markets industry.  Participants will present to a judging panel of industry leaders and experts who will award the best ideas. The judges are Tom Zschach, CIO of CLS Group, Elizabeth Lumley, editor at Finextra and specialist industry commentator, and Simon Tasker, capital markets partner at Deloitte UK.

Teams and individuals can register their interest at

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