Docupace and Security Snapshot to Extend Cyber-Security Management Solutions for Financial Services Firms

SEC/FINRA Compliant and Secure Straight-Through Processing Platform and Security Solutions Provider to Deliver Holistic Cyber-Security for Broker Dealers and RIAs

Docupace Technologies, LLC (“Docupace”), a provider of SEC/FINRA-compliant paperless processing systems, has today that it is joining with leading computer security services company Security Snapshot, LLC (“Security Snapshot”) to deliver comprehensive cyber-security solutions for financial services firms. The agreement is expected to fuse Docupace, the only secure, SEC/FINRA-compliant and paperless straight-through processing platform in the financial services sector, with Security Snapshot, the industry’s leading security and regulatory consultancy firm.

By working with broker-dealers and registered investment advisors (“RIAs”) on cyber-security, Security Snapshot will connect Docupace’s secure infrastructure and workflow systems with processes that help ensure organizations are compliant with SEC, FINRA, and other federal, state, and self-regulatory organizations’ policies, procedures and regulations. Docupace and Security Snapshot expect to implement their new relationship in phases to best ensure smooth and efficient adoption by clients.

“Docupace is dedicated to providing high quality, enterprise-class solutions for financial service firms,” said Michael Pinsker, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Docupace. “We’ve identified a need for complimentary cyber-security services that can be offered to firms of all sizes without diluting the service offering due to economic constraints. Together with Security Snapshot, we are excited to launch this new initiative to fill this critical need.”

“Computer security and regulatory compliance are a top concern for organizations of all sizes,” said Jay Peters, President and Founder of Security Snapshot. “We’ve led the way in helping broker-dealers and RIAs understand, implement and monitor the policies and procedures necessary to deal with today’s cyber-threats and regulatory environment. By leveraging Docupace’s leading infrastructure and scale, we are excited to work to efficiently deliver these important services to even the smallest of broker-dealers and RIAs.”

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