IA Clarington launches its Elite Programme for high net worth investors

IA Clarington Investments announced today that it is launching the Elite Programme, offering flexible options and fee discounts to high net worth investors, and also making changes to some of its series.

The IA Clarington Elite Programme and preferred pricing, will launch on Monday, November 3, and applies to a full range of the company’s funds and is intended for investors who have $100,000 or more invested.

“Today’s increasingly transparent environment demands flexible and competitive options for investors and the advisors that work with them. Our announcement today reinforces our commitment to delivering pricing options that acknowledge investors when we are trusted to manage a large portion of their investments,” says David Scandiffio, Executive Vice President, Industrial Alliance, and President of IA Clarington Investments.

Investors become eligible for preferred pricing once they hold $100,000 in Series E or P in a single IA Clarington fund in a single account. They receive additional discounts at $250,000 in a single account, and again at $500,000 and $1 million.

At the $250,000 level, investors can also participate in Family Pricing by linking eligible accounts to combine assets and take advantage of discounts.

“We’ve designed the Programme to be very flexible and easy to understand with features such as automatic discounts back to dollar one,” says Eric Frape, Senior Vice President, Product and Investment. “Our Elite Programme allows advisors to do business the way they want with great pricing benefits for their clients.”

IA Clarington put the needs of financial advisors and investors at the forefront when developing the Elite Programme. It includes a variety of features designed to help advisors with the many challenges they face:

  • Flexible purchase options make it easier for advisors to use the programme with their particular business model and comply with new securities regulations on fee disclosure.
  • Administrative work is minimized, since reductions are applied automatically, starting at $250,000, and the programme is available in almost all fund options.
  • The Elite Programme includes all of IA Clarington’s leading active managers, socially responsible investing choices, and tax-efficient payout options within a corporate class structure.
  • Discounts are automatic, right back to dollar one.

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