IFA Pundit

IFA Pundit

I AM BACK – After spending a very enjoyable retirement on a sunny beach in the Caribbean spending my winnings, drinking too much gin and enjoying the company of my new Swedish friend, I received a call from my good mates at IFA Shops. The gang have invited me back to review the Cheltenham Festival, which starts on Tuesday, 15 March.

They must have really missed me as they have even paid for my flights to the UK – albeit, I’ve had to make a number of stop overs on the way. I noticed when I landed back in the UK it was a one way ticket, so I will need to bring my A-game to find us all some winners to pay for my ticket back to the Caribbean. My Swedish friend thinks I was popping down the shop for some milk so she may begin to wonder where I am if I don’t get back!

For those of you that have never experienced Cheltenham before, be sure to add it to your bucket list; when the roar erupts for the first race of the festival it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

I will be reporting from the course each day, sending my tips and views from the paddock.  The team have also set up a tipsters competition where I take on four guys from the financial world. All I can say is bring it on….

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