Snakes and Ladders – a Ladder

The objective of this mandate is to preserve and grow capital and provide income returns above the rate of inflation and aims to make annualised total returns of 8 – 12%.

The fund is not geared and it is not intended to be so.  It invests in holiday parks throughout the UK, which comprise Tenting & Touring, Static Caravan or Lodge accommodation. The accommodation comprises of a mix of holiday rental and owner occupied units.

It purchases holiday parks that are set in excellent locations and where the Manager believes they can increase income returns and generate capital growth through:

  • Delivering a “Best in Class” Experience for holiday home owners and holiday makers, creating a competitive advantage.
  • Improved operational management to streamline the cost base and exploit economies of scale and improvements in on-site facilities.
  • Exploitation of planning gains to transform tenting and touring sites into high yield lodge developments.

Where appropriate, the transformation of sites from tenting and touring to static caravan & lodge parks adds capital value and increases revenue streams further.

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