5-Crown rating awarded to Orchard Equity Income and Total Return Fund



Orchard Wealth Management Limited is pleased to announce that Orchard Funds PLC, managed by Richard Harwood and Matt Le Cornu, has been awarded the 5 crown rating by Financial Express.

The 5 crown rating is awarded to the top 10% of funds in their sector based on out-performance of their benchmark. Over the last 5 years, the Orchard Fund has out-performed it’s Financial Express peer group by 21.56%, out-performing in four of the last five years.

Richard Harwood commented “It is always gratifying to see your efforts recognised but this does not change the way the fund is managed. We continue to believe that over the business cycle capturing 70% of upside quarters whilst incurring only 30% of the losses in negative quarters will provide the solid consistent performance that our investors value”.

Download Lessons from 13 years of running the Orchard Strategy PDF

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